PSAM June 2020 Newsletter_ COVID-19 Special Issue

The global community is witnessing a new era propelled by the viral threat at our door step. In a span of two months, from March 2020 when the threat of COVID-19 became prominent, the world has been thrown into a state of crisis and forced to adapt in order to survive.

This newsletter contains thoughts around how civil society, the leaders and the government can work together to move forward and use the opportunities that come with COVID-19 to plan and secure a better future, not only in matters of the public’s socio-economic wellbeing, but also in-terms of biodiversity and environmental wellbeing. It’s also important to learn how various actors have been adapting and the different methods they have been applying to ensure that their work continues to bring about the desired objectives, not only in-terms of monitoring the use of resources, but also in facilitating teaching and learning to relevant stakeholders. Therefore, in this newsletter, PSAM staff and partners share their opinion pieces and experiences with an aim to bring about awareness, solidarity and encourage innovative engagement to fight COVID-19 and improve lives.

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