Southern Africa on the Brink of Famine? Recovery from food crisis through resilient, accountable and gender-responsive agricultural development.

Policy brief Originally Written by Julie Middleton in September 2020

The spread of COVID-19 throughout Southern Africa1 will worsen the region’s already dire conditions of food insecurity and malnutrition. The effects of climate change – persistent drought, flooding and pests – compounded by economic challenges, poverty, conflict and gaps in social accountability, have all contributed to an impending food crisis in the region. Close to 44.8 million people in Southern Africa are estimated to be food insecure as of July 2020; representing a 67% increase from 2017 (26.9 million people) and a jump of 10% from just a year ago (41.2 million people) (SADC 2020).

To read more, you can access the full brief on this link, PSA Food Crisis Policy Brief Sept 2020 – Final