Learning Journey: Welcome to the RLP Learning Pilot

In August of 2016, the Regional Learning Program began a Learning Pilot project to document, well, the learning aspect of the social accountability method. In this blog, the technical team of this project will be keeping a record of the experiences and insights of the project in the hopes of contributing to literature about the learning process. We look forward to sharing our thoughts and to engaging with you via this platform.

Meet the Technical Team:

Gertrude Mugizi:

Regional Learning Programme Manager at PSAM. Boss.

Yeukai Mukorombindo:

Greetings! My name is Yeukai Mukorombindo. I have previously conducted research monitoring and advocacy around social accountability. I am currently working in the Regional Learning Programme, as a Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Program Officer & Capacity Builder for our partners. My role is to help the RLP and its partners learn from applying and adapting PSAM approach to social accountability. Let the fun begin!

Florencia Guerzovich:

Hola! I am a consultant who specializes in learning & promoting learning for improving the work of accountability, anticorruption, governance and development organizations. My projects often require experimenting putting together a different “secret sauce” than I used for the previous one. The ingredients? Pay attention to the relations and capacities of diverse stakeholders in context and patiently nurture them, because they are the stock (or the base for good sauce making). Mix some theory and research with practice and strategy. Combine global with regional and local “spices.” There is technique involved, but one always has to test the “sauce,” adjust, and test again. I am Argentinean, a home cook, and a bit of a nomad: if you follow our journey and my twitter account (@guerzovich), you’ll find out!

Elsie Eyakuze:

Hello. I am a Tanzanian journeyman communications consultant who specializes in small bespoke projects for clients, mainly in the areas of media analysis, advice and social media. In addition to consulting work, I column for The East African newspaper and blog at The Mikocheni Report. During the Learning Pilot I will be curating this blog, and I am very excited to engage with this dynamic and real-time experiment in learning together. Karibu.

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