DISCUSSION PAPER – The Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association released a discussion paper: “Local Government and Corruption in Zimbabwe: Towards Bridging the Integrity Deficit”. The paper highlights the historical and contemporary context of corruption in Zimbabwe and outlines the scope of corruption in local authorities and its implications on service delivery and development. The paper concludes with a nine point plan for strengthening integrity, transparency and accountability in local authorities in Zimbabwe as a means to combat corruption.

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REPORT: Social Accountability and citizen engagement – understanding poor service delivery in the Zimbabwean context

By Thembile Phute, Pact  Zimbabwe: Country Director/Chief of Party

The paper takes stock of citizens and CSOs interventions in the area of social accountability, looking at what is being done and the lessons learnt are. It also looks at the growing body of evidence from impact evaluation studies and results coming from social accountability interventions. The paper will look at how strengthening the oversight role of CSOs/CBOs and oversight bodies like Parliament at national level and councils at local level can be done despite the prevailing political situation.

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