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Social Accountability: Conceptual

Social accountability refers to community based initiatives that monitor the management of the public resources to ensure that the duty bearers deliver the required services. This section contains literature on social accountability as a concept and the various debates in this context. For example

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Public Finance and Budget

Monitoring and analyzing the budget as well as the use of public finances is necessary to ensure that the public resources are spend accordingly. This section contains literature related to budget and expenditure management.

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Service Delivery

Lack of quality service delivery is one of the greatest motivators of social accountability. Civil Society are formed through out the world to address issues related to service delivery. This section contains material that explores the various interventions related to service delivery.

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Citizen Engagement

Public participation is an important part of social accountability. The sector itself emphasized the need to engage community member and mobilise them to engage the govern to demand required services. This section contains material related to public participation.
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Learning in Social Accountability

Learning is integral to social accountability. There is a need and emphasis to learn from interventions, to adopt and change according to the knowledge learnt. This section focuses on the monitoring, evaluation and learning that occurs within the social accountability sector.
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